New ED is a Collaborative Project (Grant Agreement number 227004) co-funded by the Research DG of the European Commission within the joint RTD activities of the Environment and NMP Thematic Priorities

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Methodology  Work Packages

New ED project structure

To achieve the ambitious objectives of NEW ED, the work is structured into five work packages. Three RTD activities form the core of the project performed mainly by the three RTD institutes and technology provider FuMA-Tech. The scope of the work will extend to include integration of the NEW ED products into real production processes in pilot-scales, with direct involvement of end-users.

Work Package 1 Membrane Development

WP1 is the heart of the NEW ED project. WP1 deals with the development of membranes incorporating a new water transport mechanism to the transition layer of the bipolar membraneand. Several membrane manufacturing techniques will be investigated. Further, WP1 includes thorough characterization of all new membranes developed.

Work Package 2 Module Design and Construction

WP2 will bridge the gap between single membrane characterization and pilot-scale experiments and a plate-and-frame type module will be developed as well as chemical resistant spacers which can support high current densities.
Fundamental aspects of cell design as well as production aspects including cost considerations will be considered in the course of the project.

Work Package 3 Testing and Evaluation

This WP aims at demonstrating the viability of the solutions developed in work packages 1 and 2 within the frame of relevant saline process waste waters. The prepared membranes will be thoroughly tested in quasi-industrial conditions and two industrial case studies will be carried out. Applications that will be investigated have been carefully selected in cooperation with the end users of the NEW ED consortium regarding process scale, applicability of bipolar membrane technology and expected environmental impact of an advanced bipolar membrane process.
Finally, economic and ecology assessment of the products will round off the study.

Work Package 4 & 5 Project Management and Dissemination

Work package 4 aims to enhance exploitation of project results, will handle IPR issues and disseminate results of the work done within the project and to the public, involving potential end-users and stakeholders. Work package 5 comprises all management activities of the New ED project.




The New ED project was successfully finished on 30th Nov. 2012


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The European Commission presents in it's new publication with the title "Membrane technology for water applications" highlights from a selection of European research projects including the NEW-ED project.




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