New ED is a Collaborative Project (Grant Agreement number 227004) co-funded by the Research DG of the European Commission within the joint RTD activities of the Environment and NMP Thematic Priorities

FP7 on Cordis European Commission

Partners  Bayer Material Science AG

Bayer Material Science is a leading producer of high-value materials. The focus is upon innovative products and technologically challenging processes. Part of the best sellers of the portfolio besides polycarbonate are isocyanates used for the production of polyurethane. BAYER produces the amounts of chlorine and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) needed for the production of polycarbonate and isocyanate mainly itself. The capacity is about 1,3 mio. tones of chlorine and 1,1 mio. tones of sodium hydroxide in Germany.

Contact info:

Dr. Juergen Kintrup

Bayer MaterialScience AG
51368 Leverkusen

Tel: +49 214 30 62443



The New ED project was successfully finished on 30th Nov. 2012


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The European Commission presents in it's new publication with the title "Membrane technology for water applications" highlights from a selection of European research projects including the NEW-ED project.




Monday, 17. June 2013