New ED is a Collaborative Project (Grant Agreement number 227004) co-funded by the Research DG of the European Commission within the joint RTD activities of the Environment and NMP Thematic Priorities

FP7 on Cordis European Commission

Partners  University of Twente

The Membrane Technology Group belongs to the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente. It has a highly-qualified team with 11 staff members (two of them are EMI senior researchers), 11 researchers, 7 laboratory engineers and 29 Ph.D. students. The mission of the Membrane Technology Group is to educate and perform fundamental research, and product and process development in the area of polymeric and hybrid material structures to control mass transport. The strategy of the MTG is to apply multiple disciplines to challenging fields of separation processes and mass transport.

The European Membrane Institute Twente belongs to the Membrane Technology Group. The research performed by the EMI is short and middle long term application research, dedicated to questions out of the industry and hence (often) confidential. This work is carried out by highly skilled employees. The EMI has the dedicated function to form an interface between academia and industry.

Contact info:

Dr. Zandrie Borneman

University of Twente
Science and Technology
Meander, ME 324
P.O. Box 2177500 AE, Enschede
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 53 4892965




The New ED project was successfully finished on 30th Nov. 2012


Regular updates from the Nano4water cluster can be found here:



The European Commission presents in it's new publication with the title "Membrane technology for water applications" highlights from a selection of European research projects including the NEW-ED project.




Monday, 17. June 2013