New ED is a Collaborative Project (Grant Agreement number 227004) co-funded by the Research DG of the European Commission within the joint RTD activities of the Environment and NMP Thematic Priorities

FP7 on Cordis European Commission

Partners  FuMA-Tech GmbH

FuMA-Tech combines the important tasks for the provision of energy and water. At the two sites in St. Ingbert and Vaihingen (Germany) the company applies itself to the fields of fuel cell engineering and water treatment. FuMA-Tech can look back on almost 15 years of experience in membrane technology. In performing its tasks, the dynamic team benefits, in particular, from the many years of experience gained by its qualified members of staff as well as its affiliation with the BWT Best Water Technology Group. In addition to FUMION polymers and FUMAPEM ion-exchange membranes, the company also offers FUMASEP products and systems for filtration purposes and FUMADOS chemicals for water treatment. Moreover, turnkey membrane plants can be supplied for all sectors of the economy.

Today, FuMA-Tech is the leading producer of ion-exchange membranes in Europe and an innovative and reliable partner for all industries.

Contact info:

Norbert Rischer
FuMA-Tech GmbH
Steinbeisstr. 41-43
71665 Vaihingen/Enz

Tel: ++49 (0) 7042 97024-25
Fax: ++49 (0) 7042 97024-99



The New ED project was successfully finished on 30th Nov. 2012


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The European Commission presents in it's new publication with the title "Membrane technology for water applications" highlights from a selection of European research projects including the NEW-ED project.




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